This simple trick turns 100 leads into 25,000!

Okay, don't get mad ... this one is SO EASY you'll likely cringe when you read it.

Firstly, I need to introduce you to Prof. Dunbar.

To keep this simple, Prof. Dunbar figured that as a society, we function best when our "network" of connections remains within a "limit." It turns out, the 'magic number' (aka Dunbars Number) is about 250 people.

And ironically (?) it seems we all are connected to about 250 people -- heck, even Facebook figured that out too.

So if you connect with 100 people you aren't really connecting with 100 people ...

You're connecting with 100 x 250 = 25,000 - that's possible connections.

Which is why I teach the best way is NOT to treat the people you meet as leads, but rather, gatekeepers to a MUCH LARGER network of people.

It's NOT who you know ... it's WHO THEY KNOW!

And when the person you meet CONNECTS (or refers) you to their network, wonderful things happen.

Remember, for every 100 people you meet, you are really connecting with 25,000 potential leads!

Have fun.