How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint & Keynote

Create Videos Quickly & Easily Using Your Favourite Presentation Software

If you're not making video content for use online, you're missing a massive opportunity.

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the western world and Social Media video is huuuuge!

But, for some folks, the idea of creating video freaks them out wondering what tech is required, whether they need to appear on camera and more.

In this short course, I show you how to use your favourite presentation software to create screen capture style 'voice-over' presentation style videos. These videos are perfect for most things and are easily created using Powerpoint or Keynote.

This training shows both apps from a Mac user's perspective (mine,) but the same functionality exists on the PC editions - so go crazy and start creating video using your favourite presentation software today!

*This course includes a few downloadable resources too!

Your Instructor

James Burchill
James Burchill

James is a fan of the side hustle and finds words and technology fascinating. He loves systems, productivity and marketing automation. When he's not speaking or coaching, he divides his time between writing, creating courses, producing videos and consulting.

Before starting his own business, James worked in technology as a programmer and climbed his way up to VP before taking the leap into self-employment in 1999.

2019 marks James' 20th year "free" and he attributes a large part of his freedom to passive income from books and courses.

James is also an Evernote Certified Consultant and one of the first Infusionsoft Certified Marketing Automation Coaches in Canada! For fun, James produces various local b2b networking and social events supporting his hometown of Burlington, ON.

Course Curriculum

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