How To Become a Best Selling Amazon Author

The Simple System That Ensures Your Book is "Best Seller" Worthy!

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I'm a three-time #1 Best Selling Amazon Kindle Author and will teach you the same simple step-by-step process I used to achieve this coveted title and position.

You'll discover the sure-fire way to guarantee your book is "best seller" worthy with one simple trick, in fact this tactic is so easy I'm rather embarrassed to share it publicly ... but I will.

My system is now so successful that the third time I reached #1 best-seller status my friends and colleagues began calling me to see if I was cheating! In fairness, the fourth time I applied it my book only reached #2 ... but oh so close ;-)

No special skills are required to follow this formula and it's the result of thousands of hours worth of research all distilled down into these short and simple micro-trainings. I hope you enjoy them and you get to experience the thrill and prestige of becoming a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author.

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James Burchill
James Burchill

Simplifies complexity, streamlines systems and digitizes business processes. He's authored multiple bestselling books and courses, teaching more than 31,000 students in over 160 countries.

Today, James is also an Approved ManyChat Agency Partner and builds conversational AI-enhanced chatbots helping SMBs generate leads and automate their omnichannel marketing.

For fun James enjoys creating digital art, cooking for his friends, programming text adventure games, and when the weather allows, exploring Canada on his Honda NC750X motorcycle.

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Not with this special low price.
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You may access the tutorials and resources as soon as you enrol.

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