Facebook's New GUEST MODE for Chatbots

The impact and what you need to know.

Facebook recently launched GUEST MODE for their web chat interface.

The implications for your bot design and build are explored and explained in this training video.

I also show you a simple solution that keeps you the right side of this change, and avoids you tripping over missing data and "expiring" guest accounts!

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James C. Burchill
James C. Burchill

Bestselling Author, Instructor & Technologist

James C. Burchill has been a technical consultant, instructor, software developer and database analyst since 1987. He's authored three best-selling books and over a dozen courses. Since 2014, he's helped more than 32 thousand people become more productive and profitable. He's a passionate supporter of local business, producing numerous free events and a local TV show. James is also a certified NLP, marketing automation and productivity coach. When he's not working, James enjoys exploring Canada on his motorcycle, digital painting, and cooking for his friends.

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