Creating Your First Online Course - Key Concepts

Creating Your First Online Course:
Key Concepts

Hello, my name is James Burchill and I'm NOT the biggest fish in the online course creation sea - not by a long shot. But, I have dozens of courses published, over 22,000 students in 160+ countries and make a considerable passive income each month. And, if you'll let me - I'd like to share the key concepts so you can do it too or just generate leads on demand - your choice!

It's NOT as hard as you might think and frankly the way most people teach online course creation is an overly complicated process. It doesn't have to be and as someone who takes pride in being 'hyper efficient' (some might say 'smart lazy') I developed a process where I can create courses in hours - not weeks.

I regularly create courses in a weekend and if you follow my Coursepreneur framework you'll be able too! For now, enjoy this FREE TRAINING and discover some of my key concepts for making online course creation quick and easy.

James Burchill

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James Burchill
James Burchill

Since 1986, James has been helping people achieve financial and time freedom through a mix of software development, consulting and training.

He's authored multiple bestselling business and marketing books, created dozens of bestselling courses (with over 31K global students) and is a certified marketing automation, productivity & technology consultant.

James Founded JMG and Co-Founded Chatbot Forge, an AI-enhanced software development and marketing agency. For fun he enjoys cooking for his friends, and when the weather and time permit, enjoys riding his motorcycle.

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